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2015年开始,大理摄影博物馆与法国吉美博物馆、法国外交部档案馆、阿尔伯特.卡恩博物馆、UV图片社、美国多伊尔历史学会、美国哈佛大学(ARNOLD ARBORETUM)图书馆、澳大利亚等多家博物馆等众多国外机构建立了联系与合作。将逐步并长期开始收集中国西南地区的历史老照片。



Dali Photography Museum began preparatory construction in January 2014, and completed the infrastructure construction (old factory reconstruction) in October of the same year. It officially opened on August 1, 2015. The building area is more than 2000 square meters, including exhibition space, library, multimedia classroom, thermostatic storage room, black and white darkroom, digital darkroom, integrated office, etc.


At present, we collect 500 photographic books, 2000 old photographs and 117 old cameras.


The library is invested and constructed by the Dali People's Government and managed by the Datu Photo Studio in the form of government purchase services.


The Dali Photography Museum is a seminar attended by professors of Anthropology and ethnology, photography theory critics, collectors and many artists. The seminar has determined the direction of collection and research of the Dali Photography Museum, which mainly focuses on historical images, anthropology and ethnic minorities in southwestern China.


Beginning in 2015, the Dali Photography Museum has established contacts and cooperation with many foreign institutions such as the French Gimmet Museum, the Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Albert Kahn Museum, the UV Photo Agency, the American Doyle History Society, the Harvard University (ARNOLD ARBORETUM) Library, Australia and so on. It will gradually and for a long time begin to collect old historical photographs of southwestern China.


To carry out various activities related to photography education, including photography sharing meetings, lectures and photography craft experience. The Dali Photography Museum will become a professional institution providing image education, collection and research for the society.


星期二至星期日  TUE - SUN              10:30 am - 17:00 pm